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In the world of injection molding, there is a special, high-tech category of product and parts that is so demanding due to its specific size, intricacy, and tolerance criteria that most injection molding companies are either ill-equipped, or lack the necessary expertise to produce them successfully. Since 1982 Knightsbridge Plastics has been a national leader and innovator in the art of "micro-molding" extremely small and intricate components for an array of medical, defense, and bioscience instrumentation applications.

With a staff of world class engineers and mold makers experienced in the exacting and challenging demands of micro engineering, mold making, and very small parts production at its disposal, Knightsbridge has been responsible for many of the highly technical innovative processes that were previously thought to be unattainable in the field of micro-technology as related to plastic injection molding.It is no wonder that the level of expertise developed by Knightsbridge Plastics has acted to serve and become the default source for micro molding applications for so many of the world's biggest and most well-known life science and medical device corporations throughout the world for close to forty years.


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