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Founded as Camtex Horizons, Inc. in Fremont Ca., 1982, our focus on business was concentrated on catering primarily to the demanding, and tolerance sensitive requirements presented by the electronics and semiconductor industries. During this period we were instrumental in the development of several methodologies and techniques responsible for the refinement of precision injection molding of close tolerance plastic parts and Components as they are recognized today. Then, in early 1996 Camtex Horizons evolved into what is now Knightsbridge Plastics, Inc., complete with production and in-house mold making facilities. With our knowledge and ability to create extremely intricate tooling "on the spot", we soon began expanding our sphere of interest and expertise to the defense, aerospace, medical, and bioscience communities for which our unique capabilities were ideally suited. "The company that can get it done", quickly became the label by which the greater bay area and high-tech sector companies, and then the rest of the country was to recognize as Knightsbridge's distinct identity and reputation.

Knightsbridge Plastics Inc. 3075 Osgood Court,
Fremont, CA 94539-5652
(800) 579-1990 (toll free)
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